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Natural Wild Smoked Salmon Jerky Peppered 30g

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Cheena’s Natural Wild Smoked Salmon Jerky is made from wild salmon caught in the icy, fresh Pacific Ocean near the island of Haida Gwaii and smoked naturally using alder smoke. Unlike other brands on the market, we do not add smoke flavour. Each salmon is hand filleted, marinated for 8-10 hours, air-dried for 24 hours, and slow-smoked traditionally over alder wood for over 24 hours.  A very time-consuming process but it’s the only way to produce the best-tasting jerky!

Our Wild Salmon Jerky currently available is peppered although occasionally we also have non-peppered in stock. It doesn’t need refrigeration so keep some on hand for any time throughout the year.  It’s a healthy and convenient snack to take with you when you go fishing, hiking, camping, skiing or to enjoy while watching the big game on television! Our natural jerky is also great for athletes as it is packed with quality protein to keep you moving and Omega-3’s to promote healthy skin and joints. You will feel good and energized after eating our smoked salmon jerky

Ingredients – Wild salmon, brown sugar, salt, pepper, alder wood smoke. No sodium nitrite, artificial colors or MSG, no dairy, no wheat, no soy, no gluten, no preservatives.

Benefits of Cheena Natural Wild Smoked Salmon Jerky

  • High amounts of omega 3 (Helps blood flow, brain function, and clear skin)
  • Vitamin D (Sunshine in food form!)
  • B12 (Promotes good nerve function)
  • Selenium (Helps combat stress and supports thyroid)
  • High in Protein (Supports healthy body growth)

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Customer Reviews

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Suneil Parmar
Excellent Product!

Love their jerky! More options for bulk purchases/less packaging would be great!

Thanks for your comment and continued support! Super happy to hear you're enjoying our wild smoked salmon jerky. We do have a few other products in the bulk format, but we'll consider adding the jerky to this as well. Thanks again!