Canadian wild bone-in sockeye salmon
Sandwich with Bone-in Canned Sockeye Salmon
open can of bone-in sockeye salmon
Canadian wild sockeye salmon nutrition facts

Canadian Wild Bone-in Sockeye Salmon 180g

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Cheena’s canned pull-top wild sockeye salmon is made up of hand-packed meat and bones and is full of natural nutrients. The diet of sockeye salmon from the Pacific Northwest consists of krill and phytoplankton, which provides a rich source of iron, selenium, vitamins A, B and D and omega 3, 6 and 9. Through our canning process, the bones become very soft which then blend into the meat making it edible and easily digested. This is a very nutritious meal rich in protein and bone-building calcium (there is over 2000mg of calcium per can!). Salt is not added to this product.


Ingredients: Sockeye salmon

  • Canadian caught, Canadian made
  • Packed by hand
  • No salt added
  • Contains 60% salmon bones, 40% salmon meat
  • Contains omega 3,6,9
  • Rich in protein
  • Over 2000mg of Calcium per can
  • Easy to open pull-top

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Customer Reviews

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Lois Paschke
Love it!

I was looking for a good calcium source but thinking I would not like eating bones. Not to worry, though, these are soft and mashable so you really don’t notice. Great in arugula salad.

Thank you! We're so happy you tried it and love it. We do too :)
And what a great idea adding it to an arugula salad... sounds very yummy!!