About Us

Cheena means "Silvery Salmon" in the Haida language of British Columbia's West Coast.

Photo of cheena company founders

Our History

Inspired by his ancestor Adam Grant Horne’s West Coast exploits in the mid-1800s and his mother Georgina Abrams-Lytton's First Nations artwork, Wayne Lytton and his wife Kaori founded their business in Vancouver in 1978 with a vision to produce authentic British Columbian products using homegrown raw materials.


Adam Grant Horne photo with Georgina Abrams Lytton painting


They chose to name the company Cheena after the Haida term meaning  “Silvery Salmon” or " The Best Salmon" and had the company logo designed by Don Yeomans, one of the most highly respected Haida artist of the Pacific Northwest. Strongly influenced by a personal connection to Pacific West Coast history, evident in their logo design and product packaging, the company focused on retail and export of premium smoked salmon and seafood. 

From those early days to the present, Cheena is proud to use only the finest quality (#1 export grade) raw material caught between northern British Columbia and the northern part of Haida Gwaii. Salmon from this area of the Pacific Ocean are some of the best wild salmon in the world. The pristine and untouched watershed along the coast of British Columbia nurses the cleanest and purest environment to allow the salmon to swim freely without disruption naturally giving them their shiny silver back, rich colourful meat and high oil content.

The salmon caught off these waters are frozen immediately at sea (FAS) and once it arrives in our processing facility the frozen salmon are hand filleted, pin-bone removed, fully trimmed, lightly brined and smoked to perfection using natural authentic wood smoke. After the steel racks are removed from the smokehouse, the fillets are flash-frozen for an immediate freeze to ensure it captures the salmon at its peak quality.

It is very important to point out that we do not use liquid smoke, preservatives, additives, dyes or artificial colouring agents in our smoked salmon products. This is one of many reasons why Cheena continues to be known locally and worldwide , after more than 45 successful years in the business,  for producing high quality seafood and smoked salmon.

Under the leadership of current president Shawn Lytton, Cheena continues to develop a variety of innovative Canadian specialty food products while staying true to the original vision of authenticity and Canadian uniqueness. As a family-owned and operated business, it’s paramount that we carry on the tradition of providing only the very best of gourmet Canadian specialty foods to our customers.

From the cold, pristine waters off the West Coast of British Columbia to your table…… Bon Appetit!


What our customers are saying...


Best smoked salmon brand on the market! I've been sticking to this brand for many years. Great quality, flavor, aroma, oil content and great value for sure. "     

~Martin, Montreal, QC


" Finally tasted good quality salmon that was smoked properly. I say properly because you can taste and smell a mild smoke to each bite and the texture was firm. No fishy smell or taste like others I've had. All signs of a good quality product."

~Lars, Nanaimo, BC


" This is such a unique smoked salmon. Cold and hot smoked with an amazing taste. We absolutely loved this product. Will buy again and recommend to friends. I will be sticking with Cheena for my smoked salmon needs. "

~Tony, Vancouver, BC



 Cheena Storefront

     The Cheena store on Howe Street, downtown Vancouver, 1978.