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Embark on a journey through time to understand how Cheena came to be. The echoes of our history intertwine with our passion for quality and tradition.


Adam Grant Horne photo with Georgina Abrams Lytton painting


Our story begins in the rugged landscapes of 19th-century Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where our ancestor Adam Grant Horne, a fearless explorer from Edinburgh, Scotland, laid the foundation for our legacy. Horne travelled via the Orkney Islands in 1851 to join the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) in Victoria. He worked at the HBC trading post at Fort Victoria and Fort Simpson after which he was given the task of running the Nanaimo HBC in 1853. During this time, he forged a trusting relationship with the local First Nations people and was directed by HBC to lead an exploration into the interior of Vancouver Island. One of Horne’s historical accounts came when he witnessed the massacre of the Big Qualicum Band by the Haida as they canoed their way down the coast.

Born in Union Bay in 1910, Horne’s great-granddaughter Georgina Abrams-Lytton took an interest to coastal art at an early age. In the mid-1950’s, after refining her talents and developing her style, she and Geordie Kelly, a business partner & close family friend from Haida Gwaii and who was in the first wave of landing at Juno Beach, Normandy with the Royal Canadian Engineers during WWII, established “Kla How Ya Crafts.” 

Together they compiled research of significant cultural aspects, before Abrams-Lytton completed the paintings herself, breathing life into the coastal art tradition with her artistic spirit. After honing her skills, some of Abrams-Lytton’s artwork landed in the National Gallery of Canada.

Fast forward to the late -20th century. Inspired by his ancestor’s West Coast exploits and his mother’s artwork and strong ties with the Haida First Nations, Wayne and his wife Kaori Lytton founded their business based on the concept of producing genuine British Columbian products using homegrown raw materials. Through their relationship, the Chief of the Haida First Nations approved for Wayne & Kaori to use the Haida word Cheena – meaning “Silvery Salmon” - a tribute to the silvery salmon that symbolizes perseverance, regeneration, and prosperity. They were also introduced to and partnered with an up-and-coming Haida artist named Don Yeomans and together they collaborated, culminating in the iconic Cheena logo that proudly bears the mark of tradition and innovation. Don Yeomans has become an acclaimed artist in his own right and his artwork can be found in the Museum of Anthropology at UBC and on permanent display at the Canadian Museum of History.

With the Haida name Cheena and a distinct Haida design logo, Wayne and Kaori launched their company in Vancouver in 1978.  Cheena quickly emerged as a beacon of Canadian excellence, offering premium wild smoked salmon and a diverse range of culinary delights crafted from homegrown ingredients. Guided by Wayne and Kaori and carried forward by their son Shawn – Cheena’s current president - our commitment to quality and heritage remains unwavering. As stewards of our legacy, we honor our ancestors with each carefully curated product, celebrating the timeless connection between land, sea, and community.

We pay homage to our roots with our specially designed gift box, a fusion of history and artistry that captures the essence of Cheena. Featuring an 1859 photograph of Adam Grant Horne and his wife Elizabeth alongside a vibrant watercolor painting of a Haida war canoe by Georgina Abrams-Lytton, it stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of exploration and creativity that defines our brand.

“We wanted to showcase our company’s personal connection to Pacific West Coast history, and have this reflected in our product,” says Wayne Lytton. He adds, “We can feel a sense of gratification for our history and how it makes British Columbia such a distinct and appealing place.”

What our customers are saying...


Best smoked salmon brand on the market! I've been sticking to this brand for many years. Great quality, flavor, aroma, oil content and great value for sure. "     

~Martin, Montreal, QC


" Finally tasted good quality salmon that was smoked properly. I say properly because you can taste and smell a mild smoke to each bite and the texture was firm. No fishy smell or taste like others I've had. All signs of a good quality product."

~Lars, Nanaimo, BC


" This is such a unique smoked salmon. Cold and hot smoked with an amazing taste. We absolutely loved this product. Will buy again and recommend to friends. I will be sticking with Cheena for my smoked salmon needs. "

~Tony, Vancouver, BC



 Cheena Storefront

     The Cheena store on Howe Street, downtown Vancouver, 1978.