Incredible products and service - thank you!


Cheena truly deserves a 10/10 rating! Their products and service have been amazing. I found Cheena on Google and reached out to have two of the Smoked Salmon Aficionado Gift Set packages sent to a remote family location as special gifts - the service in arranging this, as well as the product themselves, could not have been better. My family on the other end said, "I can honestly say that any of the salmon goodies we have tried to date are the best I have ever had." We came back for another set a few weeks later and will be back for more. A big thank you to Gavin and the Cheena team for everything!! I highly recommend Cheena to anyone who enjoys the best quality products and service!


I purchased this for family in Newfoundland. It was delivered in two days and arrived chilled with ice still frozen (they did a great job on packaging and shipping). The salmon was reportedly quite delicious and too good to share. It comes in several smaller packages that are perfect for serving or for taking on a winter day for snacks. Am happy with quality and service. Highly recommend it and will order again.

Kelly from South Okanagan, BC

I purchased your canned smoked salmon at the Duty Free for my 77 year old father. HE LOVED IT! Thank you for putting a smile on his face.

Jorge from Mexico City, Mexico

I have now ordered 5 packages of your smoked salmon jerky. Can't keep any stock! Love it!!

Ashley from Toronto, Ontario

Delicious! One of my children is a very picky eater and he loved this jerky. We ate 2 pkgs in 5 minutes.

Joanne from Ottawa, Ontario

This salmon jerky is amazing, the smoke is just right, the flavour of the salmon is not lost. Makes a great snack, when going on long hikes, or camping. Love that they are individually wrapped. Will be buying this again.

Besna from Victoria, BC

I served this double smoked salmon for lunch when I had company over. It was delicious. The sweet maple smokey flavour was wonderful, I didn't find it too fishy or salty. It was small enough to pop into your mouth without cutting them. I loved how salmon was thinly sliced so there was no work involved, beyond thawing the product. It was a nice treat and I would certainly buy this product again.

Kay from Consecon, Ontario

This is such a unique smoked salmon. Cold and hot smoked with an amazing taste. We absolutely loved this product. Will buy again and recommend to friends. I will be sticking with Cheena for my smoked salmon needs. Thank you.

Tony from Vancouver, BC

Finally tasted good quality salmon that was smoked properly. I say properly because you can taste and smell a mild smoke to each bite and the texture was firm. No fishy smell or taste like others I've had. All signs of a good quality product.

Lars from Nanaimo, BC

I bought Cheena salmon jerky for my father who has everything and is very hard to please but boy did he enjoy it! Thanks for putting a smile on the old man’s face.

Marty from Las Vegas, Nevada

The last order i received of this item was perfection. My guests loved it and i cannot say enough about the cheena company ,their practises and their professionalism. I just ordered two more of these and a few orders of the retort smoked salmon as well.

Jill from Calgary, Alberta

The quality is amazing! Much better than sockeye. I highly recommend it.

Sam from Canmore, Alberta

Best smoked salmon brand on the market! I've been sticking to this brand for many years. Great quality, flavor, aroma, oil content and great value for sure.

Martin from Montreal, Quebec

Your jerky is simply delicious. My kids love them to snack on. Can you believe it! Cookies or jerky and they pick jerky. Wow!

Beth from Toronto, Ontario

Delicious! One of my children is a very picky eater but he loved your jerky. We ate 3 pkgs in 5 minutes.

Emily from Seattle, Washington

I stopped in Vancouver on my way back home and shopped at the airport. I came across your wide selection of smoked salmon so I purchased few packs of each type to take back. The following weekend, I had all my friends and family over to share my wonderful experience in Canada. You can’t imagine how well your products were received. I had to email you with attached photo of your products and let you know how much we all enjoyed it. Thank you for making my party that much more memorable.

Carlos from Paris, France



I wanted to send you a quick note to share my heartfelt gratitude for your amazing smoked salmon jerky! In particular, it sustained me over four weeks of backpacking in Washington, Oregon, and California. I always looked forward to the sweet and salty taste and my body welcomed the healthy proteins of salmon. You have a truly great product. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.

Scott from Vancouver, British Columbia

I just received a 9 pack of salmon jerky. Absolutely delicious!!! My sons and I train, eat well and are constantly on the move. We’re always looking for shelf-stable, high-protein, low-carb options that we can bring anywhere. Delicious is a bonus! I’ll definitely be ordering again. Thanks to “Jen” who sent that nice little handwritten note. A great touch 😊

Sandra from Sainte-Adèle, Quebec

Your products are great and I love supporting a family business, thank you for making really good food for us to enjoy.

Letizia, from Canada

Exceptional quality - My 82 year old mother introduced me to Cheena salmon several years ago. I have been buying it ever since and giving to my family as gifts. The salmon is delicious on its own or in a salad or sandwich.

Lynne from West Bridgewater, Massachusetts