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Maple Candy Wild Smoked Salmon Retort 113g

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Cheena's Maple Candy Wild Smoked Salmon Retort is first double smoked and then a small amount of pure Canadian maple syrup is added to the fillet of smoked salmon just before it is placed in a gold foil pouch, sealed and cooked. This type of smoked salmon does not require refrigeration if kept unopened in a cool place and will keep for 3 years. Enjoy on its own or add it to a salad or your favourite pasta. Delicious!

At Cheena, only #1 premium grade, wild Canadian salmon is used. The salmon is frozen immediately at sea to preserve freshness and quality.

  • Canadian caught, Canadian made
  • Packed by hand
  • Rich in protein
  • Contains omega 3,6,9
  • No added water or oil
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Easy to open pouch
  • Portable, no refrigeration required
  • Ready to serve

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Customer Reviews

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I don't like it. it is too dry.

My expectations for smoked salmon failed. I like soft and less salty smoked things.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We're sorry to hear that our smoked salmon didn't meet your expectations. We understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to smoked foods. We undertake the traditional method of preparing retort smoked salmon and are meticulous about maintaining a balanced salt content. We strive to ensure that our products offer the perfect blend of flavors without being overly salty or sweet. This involves brining and lightly curing the salmon, followed by slow cold smoking at low temperatures for several hours. The salmon is then placed in a gold pouch and cooked/heat treated at high temperatures, which is known as hot smoking. Retorts are in essence double smoked and is rather firm yet flaky. We also offer lox-style smoked salmon, which is cold smoked for several hours and not cooked. Perhaps this style of smoked salmon is more to your liking.

If there's anything else we can assist you with or if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.